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Zip code lookup

Easily find an address by zip code, a zip code by address, or use Google Maps to find an address or area code.

Lookup zip code by address or address by area code

Enter an address or city to easily lookup the corresponding zip code, or use an area code to find an address. Then use the route planner to easily calculate your route.


Find distance of locations from your current position.

On The Go

Use it on the go to look for interesting places.


Navigate over 220 countries and territories in real time.

Search with Google Maps uses Google Maps to help you find ATMs, bars, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, taxis, restaurants or just about anything in your neighbourhood.

Save important places or routes? Create and share your own maps including photos and driving routes with the free service Google My Maps.

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Why use a zip code lookup?

A letter or package to be delivered to someone’s home must have a zip code. But what exactly is a zip code and what is the easiest way to find it? This particular combination of characters ensures that the automatic sorting machines can process mail correctly and that your mail is sent to the correct county.

Without the correct zip code, the mail you send will be delivered late. At worst, your mail will never even arrive. In addition, the zip code is increasingly being used by companies doing marketing research. By asking customers for their zip code, they know in which areas their customers live.

How to find the right zip code

Nowadays, finding the correct zip code for the letter you want to send is a lot easier than it was a few years ago. It was and is almost impossible to guess the correct postal code without help and then if the postal code is indeed listed incorrectly there is a chance that your letter or package will simply not be delivered by the letter carrier.

That is why you can now use the zip code finder on the USPS site. In no time, the automated system will find the correct postal code for the address and house number you enter. Do you have the zip code and house number but no street name? Then you can also use this USPS search function. This way you quickly have the correct information and you can give your mail to the letter carrier without fear of delay.

Other ways to find the correct zip code

In addition to the ability to search for a zip code through USPS, you can also use other websites. Some of those sites use maps where you can look up the recipient’s street. This feature shows all the zip codes of a street, so to find out the correct zip code you will have to have the correct house number. Some of these sites go a step further and, in addition to the zip code of an address, they also show the types of homes that are there and when they were built.

Looking for zip codes abroad?

For information on postcodes in other countries, use the Universal Postal Union website. This site was created by the United Nations to make searching for international postcodes easier and to promote trade with other countries.