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Find parking near my location

Parking near your destination can be a real challenge due to temporary crowds. The centers of major cities are often crowded, but often a nearby parking garage offers plenty of space. But where can you find one? At such times, there is a good chance that you will be lining up with many other cars to get a parking space.

Are you someone who does not like to go downtown by car anyway? In that case, you can choose to park on the outskirts of town to take public transport or walk to your destination. And speaking of public transport: Is it difficult to travel by public transport from your home town or district to a large train station and do you use your car for that first leg of the journey? Then of course you want to park it as safely and cheaply as possible near your pick-up point.

Where can you safely park your car or bike in the neighborhood?

The parking lots near shopping centers are often huge and offer plenty of space even on the busiest days. Parking garages located in city centers are likely to require you to pay, and those fees can be quite steep if you are parked there for several hours in a day. Even around train stations in cities, nearby parking can be quite a task even if you’re looking for a spot in a local bike park.

It is therefore advisable to use a route planner. Such a planner can show you so much more than just your route from A to B. You can view the situation around your destination on a map and see at a glance where you can park nearby in a parking garage or at a public parking. Just keep in mind that free parking spaces nearby are busier than the paid options that can be found around your destination.

Are you going to a big event?

A football match between major rivals or a concert by a well-known group quickly attracts a lot of people. When ordering tickets for an event, it is therefore very wise to check out the situation on site beforehand. This way you can determine in advance the best place to park near the stadium or the stage where the concert will take place. This way you do not have to worry about missing the beginning of the event. You will know exactly how long it will take you to get from the parking lot to the entrance.