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Grocery store near my location

It is always easy to know where the nearest grocery store is in your own hometown. You probably go to the same supermarket a lot for your daily or weekly shopping at home. However, if you are away on holiday or for some other reason, it is nice to be able to find a supermarket nearby.

In addition, there is no harm in regularly comparing the products you need for your household so that you can get them at the best price. Therefore, consulting the internet and using, for example, a route planner are easy tools to save you time and money when you go shopping at a supermarket nearby.

Compare the various grocery stores in the area

If you regularly receive advertising folders from the supermarket in your area, you know that there are new offers every week. By looking at the various offers from the different supermarkets, you will know exactly where you can get the best prices for the items you need.

You can also sign up for newsletters and electronic folders so that you know in advance exactly where the products you need are the cheapest. Is it difficult or annoying to visit several supermarkets in one day? No, if you prepare yourself well, it will not take you much more effort than a single stop at your usual supermarket in the neighbourhood.

Use the supermarkets’ websites and the route planner

Nowadays, you can download an app from almost every grocery store in the area to help you compile shopping lists. By doing that and entering each address in your route planner, getting directions becomes a piece of cake. Walking, cycling or driving, you can then take the quickest route to do all your shopping.

Even if you travel by public transport, you can use the route planner to go to the supermarket nearby. Your well-planned route and the shopping list in your phone will eventually work to your advantage.

Other benefits of using a route planner

Apart from being able to enter the address of your local supermarket nearby into the route planner, such a program offers additional advantages. If you are traveling by car, you get up-to-date traffic information and can see where you can park. Do you need to withdraw cash or visit a pharmacy en route? These facilities are also clearly displayed by a good route planner.

If you travel by public transport, even the transfer times are clearly indicated. So you’ll know whether you have time for a coffee at that nice little coffee shop next to the tram or bus stop while you wait. The days when such a planner only showed you the way from A to B are long gone, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to use it to find the nearest supermarket.