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UPS store near me

Find UPS stores near your location and plan your route with the Google Maps route planner.

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Find UPS store near my location

Are you also wondering what you can do to find out where the nearest UPS store is in your area? If you want to send or receive orders or packages you can use the services of UPS. You can pre-register the packages you want to send online and then just drop them off at the UPS drop-off point near your location. For receiving goods and orders it works exactly the same way, you indicate in advance at which UPS pick-up point you want to receive them and as soon as you receive a notification you can pick them up there.

Where are the UPS stores located near you?

A UPS pickup or drop-off point near you is generally located at a local store such as a grocery store or convenience store. By using a UPS collection point you will save on shipping costs. Not only will shipping packages from UPS location to UPS location be more economical for you as the sender, but the recipient will benefit as well.

These UPS locations are not only near you. UPS knows how important it is for customers to have freedom of choice when it comes to delivery, which is why there are thousands of UPS points throughout the US. Even if you are travelling on business or on vacation, there will be a UPS point near your location.

What can I ship through a UPS store near me?

In order to process and ship packages quickly, not every package can be dropped off at a UPS point near your location. UPS has set a maximum for the dimensions, weight and value that a package may have to be shipped. You can read what the rules are per country on the website of UPS.

To a UPS location near you

Of course, you can also consult the UPS website to find out which UPS locations can be found near you. Every UPS location is listed with the address and opening hours so you know when you can go there. You can even calculate the route to the store. This is especially convenient if you need to ship a package in a city or region where you only happen to be and don’t know where all the facilities are.

Can a shipment be tracked after it is dropped off at a UPS store near you?

Yes, you can track any package you send or have yet to receive with a so-called track & trace code. This way you know exactly where your package is and the sender and receiver can see when it is expected at the UPS pick-up point near the receiver. This service is free and you can even download an app for it, so you can check where your packages are at any time.

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