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Find a job near my location

Are you looking for a new job in your neighbourhood? Have you decided after several years with the same employer that it is time for a career change? Or are you new to the job market and looking for a job after finishing your current education? Nowadays, there are many ways to look for a job near your location.

A job nearby via the internet

Temporary employment agencies have changed with the times and offer available jobs near your location on their websites. Based on your search criteria, you will be shown all jobs including conditions, location and salary. You can even apply or request more information directly through the respective websites.

There are also platforms on the Internet where jobs are offered. In general, they work in the same way as employment agencies except that you will be in direct contact with the company that has a job available in your area. If you apply via an employment agency, there is often a preliminary interview before the actual job interview. This step is skipped when you apply for a job nearby via a job portal.

Have a good and well-organised CV

As soon as you start applying for a job, it is important that you make a good impression. The first thing they will see about you is your CV, which is an extensive record of your career and background. So, before you start hunting for jobs in the area, make sure you include all relevant experience and education on your CV.

There are several sites on the net that can help you prepare your CV. If you are new to this and are applying through an employment agency, you can ask their staff for help. Include your preferences and hobbies on your CV as more and more companies are interested in them. Especially if the jobs you are applying for are team-based jobs.

Prepare for your new job in the neighbourhood

Has the moment arrived that you have been invited for an interview for your dream job near you? Wear the right outfit that makes you feel comfortable and make sure you know how to get to your destination. Use a route planner if necessary. Not only by car but also by public transport or bicycle you can get directions to the location where your interview will take place.

As the route planner also provides you with additional information on current traffic information, parking spaces and public transport transfer times, you will have no problem arriving on time for this important meeting. Using a route planner is advisable in any case, as it saves you time every day. If your new job is in the field, your employer will be pleased to see you making efficient use of your time.