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Find a skatepark near my location

Do you like to go out with your friends on your skateboard or rollerskates? Then of course you want to go to the nicest, best and biggest skatepark in your neighbourhood. Skating has been part of modern urban culture for years and municipalities and private companies are opening more and more of these parks.

Today’s skate park near your location grew out of the movement that began in the 1950s on the west coast of the United States of America when surfers began to add wheels to their surfboards so they could perform their sport on land. During long dry summers, especially in California, swimming pools were dry and groups like the Z-Boys started skating in these pools. This is where the first tricks such as carving and wheelies originated.

Indoor or outdoor skating at a skate park near you?

Of course, it’s no fun to skate in the rain. Fortunately, these days there are many indoor skate parks to be found where you can practice your kicks and flips. At such an indoor skate park near you, lessons are often given for beginners and advanced skaters. More and more young children want to learn how to BMX and/or scoot and an indoor skate hall is the perfect place for that. Moreover, events and competitions for young and old are organized regularly.

The big difference between this and the nearest public skatepark in your area is that you probably have to pay for the indoor one. An outdoor skate park near you is just free and you can go there to skateboard, rollerblade, inline skate or rollerblade in the sun.

Which skate park is best for you? That depends entirely on how good you are and what you can do with your board or skates. The skateparks in the area where mainly beginners can go are called flatspots, because, as the name suggests, they are mainly flat. The chance that you will fall hard and break something is much smaller here. In any case, always wear proper protection when you go to a skate park near your location.

How do you get to the skatepark nearby?

Nowadays, with the right apps on your smartphone, you can see exactly where you are and where you want to go. If you want to take your skates or skateboard to the nearest skate park then a route planner will show you the safest and fastest route. Just be careful and only use your smartphone when you are stationary, a collision or fall on the way is the worst trick there is.

As a parent, do you want to take your kids to a skatepark nearby? A route planner shows you not only the route, but also where you can park if you come by car and what other facilities you can find near your destination. Always easy if you want to buy new elbow or knee pads quickly. You can also find catering establishments on the maps of a route planner so that you can take a break and recover from all the adrenaline and excitement afterwards.