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Find an Ikea store near my location

Ikea is now one of the most well-known brands worldwide in terms of affordable furniture. The stores look the same almost everywhere so that even abroad you will find the same products in the assortment as in your own country. In and around every major city there is an Ikea branch nearby where you can spend hours rummaging through sofas, chairs, beds and accessories for home and garden. And if you want to catch your breath, you can order various dishes and drinks in the Ikea restaurant that are comparatively as cheap as the furniture and accessories.

Offers at Ikea near you

To see the latest products and best offers, there is the Ikea catalog. You can find all the new collections and accessories offered at the Ikea near you. Ikea is moving with the times and only releases the catalog online, you can order it on the website of this furniture company. Moreover, you can become a member of the Ikea family so you can take advantage of extra discounts and special promotions. Even a visit to the restaurant of the Ikea nearby is more advantageous than usual as a member.

Can I have products delivered to my home at Ikea?

The large products such as cabinets and tables are packed as efficiently as possible at the Ikea near you for convenient transport. Almost everyone who has been to Ikea knows the Billy and Kallax cabinets and it is always an adventure to assemble them. If you buy so much that it doesn’t all fit in your car, you can make an arrangement with the customer service that your order will be delivered to your home when it suits you. Ikea branches are often busy on the weekends and if you don’t feel like dealing with the hustle and bustle, you can just as easily place an order online. That will then also be delivered to your home.

Which Ikea location is closest to you?

Of course, you can use the Ikea website to find out which Ikea is closest to you. The advantage of this is that you can immediately view the most recent brochure with offers. Address, contact details and opening hours are also listed on the site but unfortunately the route to it is not available. You will have to use a tool like a route planner for that. This will also show you extra facilities such as parking space, something you do not need at Ikea in the neighborhood because there are already plenty of parking spaces to be found.

The route planner can also be used if you want to travel to your nearest Ikea branch by public transport. You can see in detail where and when you have to change trains and how long you have to wait. So you know exactly until what time you can shop to catch your bus or train.

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