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Find a library near my location

The local library has been the place to go to borrow books for many years. With the advent of the Internet, the local library has also had to develop and focus on the demands of customers and visitors. Nowadays, in the library near your location you can borrow not only books but also digital audiobooks and e-books. Furthermore, the offer has been expanded to include movies, games and music. Also, the nearest library to your location can be found on the Internet so you know exactly what is available.

Become a member of the library

Not every library has the same terms and conditions, so it is wise to check online to see what membership at the library near your location has to offer you. For example, how many books and other items can you borrow at a time? Does a membership also allow you to borrow books digitally? Do you get discounts on certain promotions and new books?

These are all questions you can find answers to on the website of the library that interests you. Of course you can also just visit the library and ask all your questions in person. The staff will explain how the membership works and once you become a member of the library in your area you will receive a card that you have to show at every subsequent visit. On your first visit, you’ll find out right away what other facilities are available in or around the library building.

Activities in the library

Often a library also has book cafes and auditoriums where lectures are held regularly. For many people, the neighborhood library is also a place to take a break. They enjoy the silence while reading the daily and weekly newspapers. At your local library, moreover, special activities are often organized.

One time there is something to do for young children, such as the narration of a children’s book and the next week there is a workshop for the elderly where they learn how to use computers and apps. These activities are published well in advance and if you want to participate it is smart to register as soon as possible.

The way to the library near you

Are you also someone who wonders the easiest way to get to your local library? The answer to this question is in your own hands. By using an app such as a route planner with your cell phone, you will be shown exactly the right information you need. Walking will show you the safest walking route and by car it will show you which streets and parking spaces are most convenient for you. Even if you travel by public transport you can create a route and add a visit to the library nearby.

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