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Museums near me

Find a museum near your location and plan your route with the Google Maps route planner.

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Find museums near my location

Do you like art, culture or history? Then a visit to a nearby museum is definitely worthwhile. Often, permanent exhibitions alternate with temporary exhibits so that each visit provides you with a new treasure trove of information. And speaking of treasures, each museum near your location has its own theme. These include art museums, film museums and, of course, museums that showcase important historical events and excavated objects.

Want to enjoy a museum near you at your leisure? Then stop by on weekdays outside of school vacations. During vacations and weekends, many day-trippers will visit the museums in the area.

The museum nearby as an excursion

Of course, a museum in your area lends itself perfectly to visits with young children and teenagers. They can learn a lot about the history of a country or region or about the art movements of a particular period. Therefore, a visit to a local museum should definitely not be missing from the annual list of school excursions. If you visit a local museum as part of a large group, you can get a group discount. However, it is advisable to contact the local museum in advance.

Which nearby museum will you choose?

With so much choice, it is sometimes not easy to choose a nice museum near you. Take into account school vacations and weekends and choose a museum that shows art and objects you really like. Especially when a temporary exhibition with famous works opens, the first days and even weeks can be very busy at the nearest museum in your area. Sometimes it pays off to wait until the last days so you can admire the works in peace and quiet.

Are you a real museum fan? Then check out the possibility of purchasing a national or city discount card. That way you can get discounts throughout the year at the museum in your area.

Plan a visit to the museum nearby

Of course, announcements of new exhibitions also create expectations in you. Is the art on display really worth paying for? Visitors who have already visited a museum near you share their experiences in reviews that they leave on dedicated sites. This way you can see exactly if that expo you coveted is really worth a visit.

With a route planner, you can then plan how to get to your local museum easily and safely. Moreover, you are presented with additional info such as parking space and current traffic information. If you unexpectedly need to park further away and walk to the museum entrance, the route planner will show you the safest walking route. In this way, visiting the museum near your location does not have to become a puzzle tour.

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